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End: 2013-01


DNSSEC in Lantern

The goal of Lantern - a censorship circumvention and monitoring-prevention tool - is to build an easy-to-use, secure, and indestructible tool to keep the internet open and unfettered for anyone in the world.

Lantern uses a P2P infrastructure, particularly the LittleShoot P2P stack, along with the LittleProxy HTTP proxy and the Smack XMPP client library. All of these utilize DNS in a number of areas. In environments where e.g. the government has access and control over all network traffic in and out of the country authenticity of DNS records is of paramount importance.

This project aims integrating of DNSSEC into every DNS lookup in Lantern, including all DNS lookups in the LittleProxy, Smack, and LittleShoot sub-modules.

Project of Brave New Software Project, Inc.