Send in your ideas. Deadline June 1, 2024


The winners of the June 2011 calls are:

  • Abiword RDF by Ben Martin, Australia
    The project is to enhance the existing RDF support in Abiword. Many use cases which are highly user oriented are being handled: drag and drop, sidepanels, notifications, stylesheets, and hookups to Web services. Allowing SPARQL queries will significantly enhance the possibility of ODF for real time collaboration.
  • WebODF Dissemination by KO GmbH, Germany
    This project aims to make WebODF stable, versatile and easy. To achieve this, a number of highly desired scenarios are being implemented.
  • Jitsi: Replacing JMF with FMJ by Jitsi, France/Bulgaria
    Work on the FMJ project and take it to a stage where it can be used within Jitsi as a viable alternative of JMF.
  • Meshtool by Amir Sagie, Israel
    This project aims at spreading the use of open, community oriented mesh network technology by providing the people behind the mesh with tools to manage and develop it.
  • WebPG by Sergio Ruiz, Spain
    Provide an extension for the users' web browser and an end library for web developers to manage key distribution, and to make the use of signing and encryption easy within web applications.