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[Replacing JMF with FMJ -- concluded on 2012/07]

Jitsi became a focus project of NLnet as it offers free, open and secure alternative for Skype and similar communication tools. Today it offers chat, Audio/Video calls with SIP and XMPP, and Jitsi is the only tool which does it in a secure way (using ZRTP), on all three major operating systems.

At the heart of Jitsi's media service lies the Java Media Framework (JMF) of SUN, which was not released under a FLOSS license. Free Media for Java (FMJ) which was founded by Ken Larson is meant to be a free and open alternative of JMF.

The goal of this subproject is to continue the work on the FMJ project and take it to a stage where it can be used within Jitsi as a viable alternative of JMF. This would hugely benefit the community:

  • It will essentially provide Java developers with an active, free media library.
  • More importantly however, it will be an essential step toward porting Jitsi to other environments such as Android or porting it as a web application.

Project of Jitsi, France/Bulgaria


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