Send in your ideas. Deadline October 1, 2024


The winners of the October 2010 calls are:

  • ODF compare by DeltaXML Ltd
    Provide an inter-operability demonstration of the proposed new track change format for ODT by implementing document comparison.
  • TCP multipath by Aalto University, Finland
    Implement an open source extension of the TCP/IP stack to support multipath communication.
  • A better Linux SCTP by the University of Oslo, Norway
    Extend the LKSCTP implementation with auto-buffer tuning and congestion control.
  • 0cpm: free calling for everyone by OpenFortress Digital signatures
    Implement open source firmware for digital phones based on DNSSEC, ZRTP and IPv6:
  • ODF 1.2 track changes/tables in Koffice by Ganesh Paramasivan
    Produce a valid ODF track changes/table structure as proposed for ODF 1.2.


  • Ben Martin, one of the leading Koffice developers from Australia, was invited to attend the ODF plugfest in Brussels to test work in AbiWord and KOffice on RDF and Track changes with other implementers.