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End: 2011-01


Design and empirical evaluation of secure and efficient multipath communication

The goal of the project is to implement open source extension of TCP/IP stack to support multipath communication in the Internet. With this approach, users will be able to improve their connection speed and reliably by utilizing several network interfaces simultaneously and receiving aggregate bandwidth.

Modern mobile devices, equipped with several network interfaces, as well as multihomed residential Internet hosts are capable of maintaining multiple simultaneous attachments to the network. This can be favorable for applications that are aiming to increase the overall throughput or minimize the delays caused by roaming between the networks.

This project will design and evaluate an efficient and secure multipath solution on a wedge-layer. Based on Host Identity Protocol (HIP) the design will support multihoming, mobility, NAT traversal, advanced security features, network coding for efficiency in lossy networks and will match the requirements of the most modern applications.

Who will benefit? General network users requiring faster Internet access e.g. over two ADSL lines at home, service provides in Internet requiring higher fault tolerance for their services, network operators providing high speed connectivity e.g. over WLAN and 3G combined.

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Aalto University, Finland