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Awards June 2009

The winners of the June 2009 call are:

Conferences, hackathons, donations

  • Travel support of Bert Wijnen to three IETF meetings

    NLnet funds travel costs of Bert Wijnen to three IETF meetings. Bert is not only a pationated developer, he is one of the the most reputed participants in and contributors to IETF. Among others as WG chair (NETCONF) and participant in various WGs.

  • Support Blender at Siggraph

    NLnet support exhibit of Blender at the annual Siggraph convention, which is the largest and most renowned conference and exhibition for the (3D) Computer Graphics industry. In 2009 it is from 3-7 august, in New Orleans USA.

    In the current economic climate, there's a rising interest among studios and corporations to choose for open standards and open source software. The Blender Foundation therefore aims at presenting the new Blender release and tools to the participants open source solutions for 3D content creation, and opportunities for real time 3D on the web.

  • MRSP & SIP IM at Terena

    Presentation of MSRP library & SIP IM system at Terena Network Conference 2009 This is a travel grant to Terena Network Conference 2009 (TNC2009) in Malaga, Spain. This grant is provided to João Antunes of the Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal, in order to present his poster describing the outcomes of the project called Message Session Relay Protocol client Java library, and sponsored bij NLnet.