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Last update: 2008-11-09


[CuteHIP — concluded in 2010]

The project of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) will create a lightweight implementation of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) on Java.

Existing HIP implementations have been evolving since 2004 and became complex and hard to maintain and use. There is a need for new simple implementation of RFC5201-5202 that is cross-platform (not bound to any Operating System) and not limited to run on any vendor hardware. The project will make CuteHIP implementation using Java. It will be based on SourceForge open repository for public access and contributions.

Although there are more open-source HIP implementations (HIPL, OpenHIP,, those are limited to certain platforms like Linux; no implementation is written on Java yet. The CuteHIP implementation shall be interoperable with existing implementations but shall be new and hence free of accumulated bugs.

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