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News in 2006

  • 2006/12/27: The Ambulant team contributed considerably to the upcoming SMIL 3.0 specification.
  • 2006/12/13: Status report Q4 2006 for Ambulant. Working on embedded distributions: content enrichment engine for interactive TV, and displaying books for the blind.
  • 2006/11/29: Successful Debian BSP meetings in Utrecht (NL) and Jülich (Germany).
  • 2006/10/26: NLnet donates another €10.000 to support the FFII in its on-going struggle against Software Patents in Europe.
  • 2006/10/25: Annual report of the foundation Stichting NLnet over 2005: html and pdf.
  • 2006/10/05: Wisper announced in the October 2006 edition of Usenix' magazin ";login:" (membership required to read the publication)
  • 2006/10/05: The ODF Day at the KDE Community aKademy 2006 Conference was a great success. Press release. Project Decibel gave a presentation and organized a BoF during this meeting of KDE developers.
  • 2006/09/26: NLnet initiates Wisper, an effort to come to pure and cheap, long-distance wifi networking. Developers are invited to join the discussions on the Wisper Wifi, and to submit project proposals which bring the targets closer to realization.
  • 2006/09/13: NLnet Labs wins ISOC Award 2006 for its work on safe internet protocols and DNS. more >>
  • 2006/09/06: NLnet Labs presents NSD release 3.0, with support for IXFR, NOTIFY, and DNAME. Support contracts are also available.
  • 2006/09/06: NLnet sponsors various Debian "Bug Squashing Party" Marathons. Details.
  • 2006/09/04: NLnet sponsored CAcert Assurer pins, which were shipped last week to French, Brazilian and German CAcert communities. The pins were also available at the SANE Conference in Holland and at the Usenix technical conference in the USA earlier this year.
  • 2006/08/03: With the release of AgentScape version 0.8.0, the project's software has moved into public space: demonstrable results of the IIDS research are available to end-users. See the website of AgentScape for the latest release.
  • 2006/07/24: Bits of Freedom seizes its activities on 1 September 2006, caused by a lack of both capable personnel and finances. Press release
  • 2006/06/29: Stichting TQ-NL will support the innovative projects of 10 primary and secondary schools during the 2006/2007 school season. In total, over €120.000 is donated to help them achieve their goals. Press release (pdf )
  • 2006/05/12: Project OpenCDI renamed to Decibel, with logo and new home-page.
  • 2006/05/10: NLnet sponsors the travel expenses for the participants of the KDE MultiMedia Meeting hackathon on May 26.
  • 2006/03/28: New project: OpenCDI, the "Open Communication Desktop Interface", a service architecture for multimedia based communication.
  • 2006/03/14: CodeYard article in the dutch newspaper NRC: "Software on the Schoolyard".
  • 2006/02/28: NLnet Labs' director Olaf Kolkman has been confirmed as member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). The announcement.
  • 2006/02/22: SANE2006 conference registration opened.
  • 2006/02/13: On March 8 2006, results of the OASE programme will be presented to the public. OASE targets for use of Open Source in small businesses. NLnet takes part in the advisory board of OASE. Program of the day
  • 2006/02/01: In the weekend of 13 January, several open source developers joined to develop syncing framework OpenSync. OpenSync is a cross platform and desktop agnostic syncing solution for mobile devices and desktops. Report
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