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The funds for the Network Effect Alliance are professionally managed at no cost by NLnet foundation, a registered charity that funds internet development across the globe. If you want information about possible tax deductability, contact NLnet. Please contact the Network Effect Alliance if you have any other questions. Your ideas and suggestions are very welcome!

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Jeff Arnold "The NLnet Foundation is better at identifying and supporting promising computing projects than any other non-profit."

- Dr. Jeff Arnold (founder of KSplice, now part of Oracle)

Giorgio Maone If you want the Internet to grow strong, safe and free, but you don't know how to help, contribute to NLnet: they do know and care."

- Giorgio Maone, NoScript

Andrew Sullivan NLnet Foundation has an uncanny ability to find and support the right projects, and I heartily recommend them.

- Andrew Sullivan, chair Internet Architecture Board (Canada)

What people say about NLnet

Read what Jos van den Oever, prof. dr. Andy Tanenbaum, Georg Greve, dr. Karsten Nohl, dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen, prof. dr. Paul de Bra, dr. Ben Martin Antti Ilomaki, Robert McQueen, Peter Eckersley, prof. dr. Andrei Gurtov, Shane Coughlan, Emil Ivov, Ot van Daalen, Armijn Hemel, Robin LaFontaine, Arjen Kamphuis, Roger Dingledine, dr. John Dickinson, Fabio Erculiani, Brenno de Winter and Karsten Gerloff say about NLnet as well!

What people say about NLnet

Please check out NLnet's theme funds, such as NGI Assure and NGI Zero Entrust.

Want to help but no money to spend? Help us by protecting open source and its users.



2023-05-11 - Webinar Software Supply Chain: Shane Coughlan

2023-05-04 - Webinar Software Supply Chain: Carlo Piana & Alberto Pianon

2023-04-13 - Webinar on Software Supply Chain Management: Philippe Ombredanne

2023-04-06 - Webinar on Open Software Supply Chain Management: Armijn Hemel

2023-02-04 - See you at FOSDEM?


Watch Shane Coughlan's webinar on OpenChain ISO standards 2023-05-11

Webinar Recording of Carlo Piana & Alberto Pianon on SBOM and the Cyber Resilience Act 2023-05-05

Watch Philippe Ombredanne on Tooling in the Software Supply Chain 2023-04-17

Recording of Armijn Hemel on Open Source in Electronics Supply Chains 2023-04-12

TerosHDL: Making Hardware Development More Easy and Reliable 2023-04-06

Open call for proposals 2023-04-01

Rosenpass: Hardening the Internet Against Quantum Computer Attacks 2023-02-28

TypeCell Notebooks: Democratizing Software Development 2023-02-27

Open call for funding 2023-02-01

NLnet at FOSDEM 2023 2023-01-24

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