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Your contribution can help NLnet with its unique mission and approach. Like you we care — a lot — about supporting great ideas that help establish tomorrows internet (and keep it as open as it is today). And the way we do it works. Don't just take our word for it, listen to people from around the world why they think the work of NLnet deserves to be supported.

With your donation we can keep on fueling new generations of talent around the planet to work at the free and open internet.

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The most economic way to donate to NLnet Foundation varies across the world. If you are from Europe, bank payments are free and thus by far the recommended option. Depending on regulatory oversight, banks are reasonably trustworthy as well in terms of sharing your personal data, unlike some payment providers.
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Stichting NLnet
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The Netherlands
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From elsewhere in the world, banking costs may be hilarious or obscene (depending on your sense of humour). While we await the arrival of privacy-respecting solutions like GNU Taler, we'll have to do with payment providers that are less than ideal.

We are currently experiencing some technical issues with using PayPal, and overall are not satisfied with the service anyway, so we will be switching away from that soon.

Donate Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin is a widespread cryptocurrency, that is well suited for pseudonymous donations. As in, we don't know who makes a donation to us but every single transfer goes into a public database (blockchain) and with a great deal of work a global adversary may be able to link it back to you.
Donations can be made through Bitcoin using the following account number:
Donate Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is another currency than Bitcoin. If you have BTC from before August 1st 2017, you also have BCH. Contact us to find out how you can donate these!
Donations can be made through Bitcoin Cash using the following account number:
Donate Namecoin (NMC)
Namecoin is a blockchain project originally conceived by among others Aaron Swartz, that provides a decentralized naming system and trust anchor, for which it has received some support from NLnet foundation. Namecoin's flagship use case is the censorship-resistant top level domain .bit.
Donations can be made through Namecoin using the following account number:

NLnet Foundation is a registered public benefit organisation under Netherlands law, which means donations to the NLnet Foundation are tax deductible in a number of circumstances. We will gladly send you a receipt for your donation. We also are happy to accept donations in any form that makes sense (including hardware and services). Please contact us if you have some way to help us or our projects.

Interested in the fiscal and legal aspects of your donation to NLnet? A great place to start is the overview of the legal environment for philanthropy in Europe, an initiative by the Philantropy Europe Association (Philea).


Payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, iDeal, PayPal.

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Jeff Arnold "The NLnet Foundation is better at identifying and supporting promising computing projects than any other non-profit."

- Dr. Jeff Arnold (founder of KSplice, now part of Oracle)

Giorgio Maone If you want the Internet to grow strong, safe and free, but you don't know how to help, contribute to NLnet: they do know and care."

- Giorgio Maone, NoScript

Andrew Sullivan NLnet Foundation has an uncanny ability to find and support the right projects, and I heartily recommend them.

- Andrew Sullivan, chair Internet Architecture Board (Canada)

What people say about NLnet

Read what Jos van den Oever, prof. dr. Andy Tanenbaum, Georg Greve, dr. Karsten Nohl, dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen, prof. dr. Paul de Bra, dr. Ben Martin Antti Ilomaki, Robert McQueen, Peter Eckersley, prof. dr. Andrei Gurtov, Shane Coughlan, Emil Ivov, Ot van Daalen, Armijn Hemel, Robin LaFontaine, Arjen Kamphuis, Roger Dingledine, dr. John Dickinson, Fabio Erculiani, Brenno de Winter and Karsten Gerloff say about NLnet as well!

What people say about NLnet

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