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Background information

NGI Assure is a collaboration between the following partners:

Innovation Engineering SRL (coordinator)

Innovation Engineering is an Italian private company focused on the design and development of advanced IT solution to search, access and manage relevant knowledge within enterprises, on the web, and in structured databases, with a specific focus on the technology innovation domain. An innovative IT company aimed to drive innovation through the search - brings the power of big data analytics technology - through Wheesbee Platform - for discovering talents in the technology areas prioritized by extracting information from more than 70 million patents, 9 million scientific papers, 5 million research projects available in internal repositories. This is a unique asset of the consortium, and an innovative way to go beyond the traditional techniques for gathering relevant information for research and technological innovation processes and identifying candidates, that will ensure the capacity to reach outstanding researchers and innovators all around the world.


Fundingbox Accelerator SP Zoo

The European leader in managing open calls and Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP)- will lead the NGI Assure Open Call providing a suite of customized tools and business intelligence for organizing the process accordingly with the EC standards and providing unique blockchain backed features for full transparency along the process. FBA brings also competencies and expertise to support the bottom-up projects (BuPs) in the definition of Open Business Models and technology adoption strategies. FBA is the project coordinator of LEDGER and partner in NGI4ALL, eSSIF-lab and NGI-POINTER.



A deep tech community platform that counts 30,000 registered innovators and over 100 tech communities focused on innovative technologies. FBC will be in charge of managing the NGI Assure Community and will lead the communication and dissemination activities throughout the duration of the project. FBC brings the ecosystem generated by means of its participation in NGI4ALL, where the largest on-line community of NGI stakeholders has been created and counts over 2,500 registered members.


Stichting NLnet

The NLnet Foundation is a recognised public benefit organisation that supports organizations and people that contribute to an open information society. The history of NLnet goes back to 1982 when Teus Hagen announced the European Unix Network (EUnet) which became the first public wide area network in Europe and the place where internet was introduced to Europe.

NLnet pioneered the worlds first dial-in and ISDN infrastructure with full country coverage. In 1997 all operational activities were sold off, and since that time NLnet has focused on supporting the open internet and the privacy and security of internet users. The focus of NLnet is on creating a strong digital commons: free and open source technologies, open standards and open content that provide building blocks for the future of our networked society and the Next Generation Internet.