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please read the following carefully, otherwise you might run the risk of losing important data. In all likelihood, if you read this you have just tried to submit a proposal to us. However, we noted that your project abstract or other important fields in the form were either empty or contained HTML markup that we considered out of place. Your application was NOT submitted to us, nor was it stored by us. We hope you understand our need to shield our systems as well as the other users of this site against abuse.

If your submission was not a mere test but it was intended as a real submission, we strongly recommend to use the back button of your browser to go back to the form on the previous page. Now back up your data to e.g. a text document - unless you've already done so or had prepared everything offline first. We did NOT store any of your data just yet, and thus have no way of retrieving anything for you. With any luck, the browser will have kept your form data in memory and will show it.

If you don't know how to use the back button or are using a device that does not have such a button, do NOT browse away from this page to search for clues. Use another browser to find out what you should do, ask someone you think will know for help, etc. And please be more careful next time. We hate to see you waste time.

After you have backed up your information, please check for any HTML markup in the form - and remove it. And then try to submit again. It will work in the end, as it has worked for countless others.