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Last update: 2006-04-03

End: 2006-01

Sesame v1.0 released

storage and querying middleware for the Semantic Web

It is with great pleasure that we are finally able to announce the release of SesameĀ 1.0.

SesameĀ 1.0 is a stable, high-capacity, flexible platform for storing, querying, and manipulating RDF and RDF Schema. Its main features include:

  • Runs on any Java 1.4 enabled platform.
  • Multiple backends: in-memory, RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).
  • Highly scalable.
  • SeRQL query and transformation language.
  • RQL and RDQL query languages.
  • Rio RDF parser: fast parsing and writing of RDF/XML, N-Triples and N3.
  • Stable high level access API allows easy, flexible integration in existing projects.
  • Flexible connectivity through direct Java access, RMI, or HTTP.
  • Inferencing support for RDF and RDFS semantics.
  • Easy to use Web interface.
  • Customizable inferencer for domain-specific entailments.
  • Ontology Management Module: change tracking, fine-grained security.

Sesame is open source software, distributed under the LGPL license. More information, including download links and full documentation, can be found at the Sesame community website.

We also wish to extend our thanks to the NLnet Foundation, OntoText, the On-To-Knowledge and SWAP EU IST projects, and all of the developers and users of Sesame who have made it possible to reach this important milestone.

Jeen Broekstra and Arjohn Kampman, Aduna
Damyan Ognyanoff, OntoText

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