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[storage and querying middleware for the Semantic Web -- concluded on 2006/03]

Sesame is a storage framework for RDF data, the proposed W3C standard modeling languages for the Semantic Web. The RDF format is used to describe all sorts of things (the meta-data); besides the content of documents and web pages, RDF can be used to describe real life things like persons and organisations. This data can, for instance, be used as basis for news readers, search applications, or indexing.

Sesame is a modular architecture for persistent storage and querying of RDF and RDF Schema. Sesame supports various querying languages and databases. Sesame also offers ontology management functionality such as change tracking and security.

RDF is actively used in a large number of projects and products, like Adobe's XMP, The FOAF project, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and the Open Directory Project. Sesame is used in a growing number of these projects as an invisible database component, whenever RDF statements have to be stored and retrieved.

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