EC publishes study on Next Generation Internet 2025 2018/10/05

Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19

NLnet and Gartner to write vision for EC's Next Generation Internet initiative 2017/04/12

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs donates 0.5 million to "Internet Hardening Fund" 2016/12/16

Vietsch Foundation and NLnet cooperate in internet R&D for research and education 2016/09/28


SeRQL Released in 0.9

Sesame release 0.9 contains a new component: SeRQL. SeRQL (Sesame RDF Query Language, pronounced circle) is a new RDF query language that is currently being developed by Aidministrator. Its aim is to combine the best features of several other (query) languages (RQL, RDQL, N-Triples, N3) and address several practical issues that Sesame users experienced using existing languages. One of its main characteristics is its ability to return a transformed RDF graph as a result, instead of just a table with values, like most other RDF query languages do.

Currently, SeRQL is purely an RDF query language. Unlike RQL, it does not have any RDF Schema specific functionality yet. This means that there are no specific functions yet for retrieving all classes, retrieving all (direct) subclasses of a class, etc. This functionality is on the TODO list for SeRQL. However, if one uses a Sesame repository that supports RDF Model Theory inferencing, SeRQL can already be used for, for example, querying rdfs:subClassOf relations transitively.

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