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IsaViz plug-in available

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[Message taken from the Sesame mailing-list]

Dear Sesame users and developers,

IsaViz is an open source graphical editor for RDF and is developed by the W3C. The tool renders RDF as graphs and can be used to modify the graphs, and store the results in an RDF file. It has an advanced "ZUI" (Zoomable User Interface) which can be used to zoom in and out on the graph. It uses AT&T's Graphviz to automatically calculate the optimal layout for the graph.

Today, we have release the very first version (0.1) of an IsaViz-plugin for Sesame. The plugin allows you to read and write RDF data in IsaViz from/to a Sesame server directly. The plugin can be downloaded from the Sesame SourceForge site.

More information about IsaViz can be found at the W3C site.

Happy editing,

Project Sesame

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