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Last update: 2006-04-03

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Sesame releases Plug-in for OntoEdit

storage and querying middleware for the Semantic Web

(, 12 February 2003)
The Sesame Plugin for OntoEdit v0.1 is now released and ready for download at The Plugin realizes a connection between Sesame and the Ontology Engineering Environment OntoEdit, developed by Ontoprise and the Institut AIFB, University of Karlsruhe in Germany.


  • Up and download of RDF(S) Ontologies and Meta Data between Sesame and OntoEdit.
  • Up and download of different versions of Ontologies based on the functionalities provided by the Ontology Middleware Module (OMM)

The Plugin is based on the OntoMat-Plugin Framework (by Siegfried Handschuh, Institut AIFB). The Plugin needs to be installed in OntoEdit. OntoEdit itself is not included in the SesameClient Plugin distribution, but a free version can be downloaded separately at

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