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Sesame releases Plug-in for OntoEdit

(, 12 February 2003)
The Sesame Plugin for OntoEdit v0.1 is now released and ready for download at The Plugin realizes a connection between Sesame and the Ontology Engineering Environment OntoEdit, developed by Ontoprise and the Institut AIFB, University of Karlsruhe in Germany.


  • Up and download of RDF(S) Ontologies and Meta Data between Sesame and OntoEdit.
  • Up and download of different versions of Ontologies based on the functionalities provided by the Ontology Middleware Module (OMM)

The Plugin is based on the OntoMat-Plugin Framework (by Siegfried Handschuh, Institut AIFB). The Plugin needs to be installed in OntoEdit. OntoEdit itself is not included in the SesameClient Plugin distribution, but a free version can be downloaded separately at