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ReX awards proposal Upenn - LIACS

international exchange of scholars for software projects

Date: January 18, 2002
To: Kostas Anagnostakis
CIS Department - University of Pennsylvania
200 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Professor Anagnostakis,

The Research Exchange Program (ReX) Committee is pleased to inform you that your proposal entitled: "IXPMON: An Efficient and Extensible Packet Monitoring System", an exchange between Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania and Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, has been funded in the amount of US$ 19,500.

It is our understanding that the goal of the exchange program is to jointly develop a prototype for an extensible packet monitor based on Intel's IXP1200 network processor.

You have estimated the costs for the project as follows:

IXP12EB evaluation board 7500.00 (quote from Pioneer Electronics)
high-end PC host+gige if 3000.00 (CDW)
USD 10500.00
travel US-NL € 2000.00  
housing € 350.00 per month for 9 months
food € 175.00 per month for 9 months
transportation € 75.00 per month for 9 months
spending money € 110.00 per month for 9 months
conferences, talks etc € 1500.00  
USD 9000.00
(approx, 0.9 USD/€ exchange rate)

The USENIX Association will be responsible for issuing the initial one-third of the requested funds in a single payment. Please let us know to whom we should send the funds at the university, including a university mailing address. We will then send you a check, as soon as possible. Any particular language and/or restrictions that should be noted in the award letter should be included in your response. We would appreciate this information no later than January 24, 2002.

Additional payments will be made by sending a reimbursement request to Wytze van der Raay , every three months with a summary of the anticipated expenses (by email). After receipt of the request, the funds will be issued.

The ReX Committee may decide at any point in time to adjust the budget on the basis of input acquired during the project (e.g. requests from institutes involved). All costs shall be reimbursed on a monthly basis directly to the participant involved, assuming progress reports and financial statements have been submitted and accepted. Claims should be submitted to Gale Berkowitz at the USENIX Association (gale@usenix, or at the address below).

All findings from funded projects must be made freely available to the computing community. All parties involved in the exchange must agree that the product of the research will be freely redistributable. Publication or other broadcasting of such results will be facilitated by the sponsors of ReX.

The ReX Committee would like to receive short statements on the progress of the project every 2-3 weeks by email. The final report should also include a full financial accounting of the project.

We are also interested in progress reports that we can publish in ;login:, and will be contacting you in the next few months about this. We would also like to request that anytime the work is presented or published, the support of the ReX, USENIX, and NLnet is acknowledged. We would appreciate it if you could place the USENIX and NLnet banners on your project homepage with a link to our home page.

On behalf of the ReX, USENIX Association and Stichting NLnet, congratulations! We hope that the exchange will stimulate future collaboration between the two institutes. We look forward to hearing about the progress of your work.

Gale Berkowitz

Gale Berkowitz
Deputy Executive Director
USENIX Association/SAGE
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710
510.528.8649, x17
fax 510.548.5738

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