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ReX awards proposal Delft - BWRC

international exchange of scholars for software projects

Date: May 19, 2001
To: Dr. Koen Langendoen
Delft University of Technology
room 8.300
Mekelweg 4
2626 CD Delft
The Netherlands

Dear Dr. Langendoen and Dr. Henk Sips,

The Research Exchange Program (ReX) Committee is pleased to inform you that your proposal submitted by the Delft University of Technology and Berkeley Wireless Research Center (UC Berkeley) has been accepted. The purpose of this exchange is to develop distributed localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks.

We understand that the exchange will be between Koen Langendoen, a postdoctoral student in the Ubicom project at Delft University of Technology and the Berkeley Wireless Research Center, headed by Jan Rabaey, a part of the Electronics Research Laboratory in conjunction with the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Koen would work as a visiting researcher within the PicoRadio group for 3 months in summer 2001 (June - August). Please note that the ReX Committee (or its initiators, USENIX and Stichting NLnet) is not responsible for the exchange itself. This is the sole responsibility of the grantees.

You have estimated the costs for the project as follows:

  • round trip airfare 2x $750
  • hotel/food/etc $200/day, for one week
  • housing $600/month, for 3 months
  • food $450/month, for 3 months
  • local transportation $75/month, for 3 months
  • Travel for Sips to Berkeley $2150
Total estimated budget = $8425

The total amount of the award shall not exceed $8,425 (US$). The proposed budget is based on the cost of a 3-month research exchange. We require that these funds be used exclusively for this project, and that no funds are to be used for overhead or university administrative expenses.

Whenever USENIX funds a proposal, we also pre-approve student travel stipends so that students involved in the project can attend a USENIX conference and present the results of the work.

The USENIX Association will be responsible for issuing the funds. The ReX Committee may decide at any point in time to adjust the budget on the basis of input acquired during the project (e.g. requests from institutes involved). All costs shall be reimbursed on a monthly basis directly to the participant involved, assuming progress reports and financial statements have been submitted and accepted. Claims should be submitted to Gale Berkowitz at the USENIX Association.

All findings from funded projects must be made freely available to the computing community. All parties involved in the exchange must agree that the product of the research will be freely redistributable. Publication or other broadcasting of such results will be facilitated by the sponsors of ReX.

The ReX Committee would like to receive short statements on the progress of the project every 2-3 weeks by email. The final report should also include a full financial accounting of the project.

We are also interested in progress reports that we can publish in;login:, and will be contacting you in the next few months about this. We would also like to request that anytime the work is presented or published, the support of the ReX, USENIX, and NLnet be acknowledged. We would appreciate it if you could place the USENIX and NLnet banners on your project homepage with a link to our home page.

On behalf of the ReX, USENIX Association and Stichting NLnet, congratulations! We hope that the exchange will stimulate future collaboration between the two institutes. We look forward to hearing about the progress of your work.

Gale Berkowitz
Deputy Executive Director

The ReX is sponsored by the USENIX Association and Stichting NLnet:
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone: +1 510 528 8649
FAX: +1 510 548 5738
Stichting NLnet
Koenestraat 92
3958 XH Amerongen
Phone: +31 343457775
FAX: +31 343 453928

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