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Last update: 2007/11/09

Parrot; organization and status

[Parrot -- concluded on 2009/06]
NLnet supports The Perl Foundation, which will contract the developers.

Development on Parrot started in September 2001. A detailed status can be found in the mailing-list summaries.

  • 2007/11/09: Status update: PDD24 (Events) and PDD26 (AST) completed. more >>
  • 2007/10/16: The impact of the development grant. more >>
  • 2007/09/18: Status update: PDD15 (Objects) and PDD17 (PMCs) completed. more >>
  • 2007/09/14: Status update: Parrot can bootstrap Perl 6. more >>
  • 2007/03/05: The IO PDD milestone is completed with the release of Parrot 0.4.8. more >>
  • 2005/04/19: General project plan for Parrot and Perl 6 development. .pdf (76kB)

Project Parrot

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