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smaller contributions to various activities

Besides the larger support activities and donations, NLnet also helps-out small projects. Since 2005, they got grouped on this page.

  • The project's own website:
  • 2018-04: 15th anniversary of European Digital Rights (EDRi), an organisation that works to defend the pillars of a democratic society and campaigns for the rule of law and rights online, in particular for the right to privacy and to freedom of expression, whenever they are threatened by corporate or governmental activities.
  • 2017-10: Travel support for various individuals to attend the NGI workshop at CWI in Amsterdam in October 2017.
  • 2017-08: NGI Idea grant for a young, Berlin based internet researcher and open source developer to delve into the needs of the open internet, and write up ideas on an intervention logic to make the NGI vision come true.
  • 2017-06: Support Kennisland and its Communia partners in a collaborative effort to analyse the 2500+ amendments proposed to upcoming EC regulation aimed at modernize the EU copyright framework. Copyright is strongly linked to user rights and free expression, as well as access to information on the open internet.
  • 2017-04: Support the 2017 edition of Holland Strikes back, an event to create awareness about current cybersecurity issues.
  • 2017-02: Support SHA 2017, a non profit outdoor Hacker camp that took place in The Netherlands as part of a series of events happening every four years — more in particular GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR and OHM.
  • 2016-10: Support the 2016 edition of Holland Strikes back, an event to create awareness about current cybersecurity issues.
  • 2015-10: Support the 2015 edition of Holland Strikes back, an event to create awareness about current cybersecurity issues.
  • 2015-09: Support the Green Web Foundation, with a travel grant to attend a CENTR event in Copenhagen.
  • 2013-05: Travel support for the Serval Project leader to attend and present Serval at the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (IS4CWN) in Berlin in October 2013.
  • 2013-04: OHM2013: "Observe. Hack. Make." is an international technology and security conference in a unique form. Five days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering will take place at Geestmerambacht, The Netherlands. OHM2013 continues the tradition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology conferences. OHM2013 is the largest such hackercamp in Europe in 2013 and is projected to attract 3000-4000 visitors from all over the planet. OHM2013 is unique in the line of 4-yearly hacker conferences, as each edition has turned out to be.
  • 2011-09: Sponsoring of the Dutch IPv6 Award 2011 for the best implementation of the IPv6 protocol in the systems of an organisation. In contrast to previous awards this donation will mainly be used for creating an extensive website with substantive practical instructions and manuals (both technical and business process) for implementation of IPv6 in organisations.
  • 2011-09: Sponsoring of Svante Schubert's trip to the ODF Plugfest 2011 in Berlin. Svante gave a convincing technical presentation about the change tracking mechanism in ODF.
  • 2011-02: Sponsoring of the exhibition stand of Crypto Stick at CeBIT, Germany. The German Privacy Foundation's open source product offers easy and high-secure encryption and for authentication in network environments.
  • 2010-10: Ben Martin, one of the leading Koffice developers from Australia, was invited to attend the ODF plugfest in Brussels to test work in AbiWord and KOffice on RDF and Track changes with other implementers.
  • 2010-08: The Dutch IPv6 Task Force presents an Award to get attention on the early adaptors of IPv6. See the donation description.
  • 2009-11-19: NLnet sponsors the travel expenses and conference costs for Thomas Zander to Orvieto, Italy. Thomas is one of the key KDE developers of ODF software. He will visit both the ODF plugfest and OOoCon 2009.
  • 2009-10-01: The e-Passport project combined ePassport technology with user-centric identity management systems. This provoked discussion in popular news media, amongst other things about the privacy aspects of this solutions. The resulted in a paper "User-centric identity using ePassports" which will be presented at SecureComm 2009 in Athens, Greece. NLnet covers the travel expenses.
  • 2009-06-01: Travel costs of Bert Wijnen to three IETF meetings.
  • 2009-06-01: Exhibit of Blender at the annual Siggraph convention in New Orleans USA.
  • 2009-06-01: Presentation of MSRP library & SIP IM system at the Terena Network Conference 2009 in Malaga, Spain.
  • 2009-02-01: Hacking at Random 2009, the 20th anniversary edition of the Dutch outdoor technology and security conference.
  • 2009-02-01: eLiberatica 2009, annual Open Source and Free Software conference for healthy and sustainable FLOSS business models. Bucharest, Romania.
  • 2008-12: Congress "Tilting Perspectives on Regulating Technologies", University of Tilburg, The Netherlands.
  • 2008-11: ELC Europe 2008 (Embedded Linux Conference), Ede, The Netherlands.
  • 2007-11: Harvards World-wide Thematic Conference "Improving access to public services", The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 2007-10: Sponsoring CAcert New Board meeting in Germany
  • 1998-06:

    In co-operation with the NLUUG, NLnet sponsored Guido van Rooij's participation in the FreeNIX track of the USENIX Technical Conference in June 1998 in New Orleans, USA.

    See also the donation description.

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