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Last update: 2007/09/14

Decibel; organization and status

[Open communication desktop interface -- concluded on 2007/09/01]

Decibel will be implemented at basysKom. Basyskom is a German company with strong roots to the Open Source community. The founder of the company (Eva Brucherseifer) is the head of the KDE association.

Stichting NLnet supports the development of Decibel to a maximum of €60,000.

  • 2007/09/14: Final status report: targets reached. more >>
  • 2007/07/20: Third status report. more >>
  • 2006/10/24: Second status report. more >>
  • 2006/05/31: Status report: Decibel gets up steam. more >>
  • 2006/05/01: OpenCDI renamed to Decibel
  • 2006/02/26: Kick-off presentation at FOSDEM. .pdf (73kB)

Project Decibel

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