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Last update: 2007-09-14

End: 2007-01

Decibel completed

service architecture for multi-media based communication

(NLnet participation in) the Decibel project has finished. The targets were successfully met. In short: Decibel released version 0.5.0 and the Telepathy connection manager for snom VoIP phone released version 0.4.0.

The development sprint has been intense, but the team reached the goals as planned. Decibel now has the following status:

  • The Tapioca Telepathy bindings (both Telepathy Qt and Tapioca Qt) were updated to include all the required updates. This code was added to the Tapioca SVN archive, and will be part of the next release.
  • Telepathy-snom (the test connection manager) was updated to the new Telepathy specification and DTMF support was added.
  • Decibel was updated to work with the new Telepathy specification. A channel history service got added to the core functionality. This service keeps a log of all communication channels as seen by Decibel including their direction, communication partners, and timestamps for connection, channel creation and closing. KCall does use this channel history to display a call history.
  • KCall was ported to Decibel (and KDE4). It is feature complete, but still needs testing. It is expected to be released soon.
  • A whitepaper on the purpose and benefits of Decibel was written and will be published after the internal review process.

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