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Sponsoring of various conferences

Big Brother Awards

The Big Brother Awards 2010 'honor' individuals, companies, government institutions and proposals that have severely violated privacy since the last edition was held.

The public has submitted their favourite candidates via e-mail, after which an expert Jury is confronted with the difficult task of recognizing the supreme privacy violations out of these nominees. The decision of the Jury is made public during the Award ceremony, where the Awards are presented to the "lucky" winners.

Staat van de Privacy

De privésfeer van burgers is in het gedrang. Maatregelen zoals de centrale opslag van vingerafdrukken en het veelvuldig tappen van telefoongesprekken zijn slechts twee schakels in een steeds langer wordende keten van maatregelen. Service en natuurlijk veiligheid spelen hierbij een grote rol. Maar hoe ver mogen overheden en private organisaties inbreuk maken op de persoonlijke levenssfeer van burgers? Het Landelijk Congres der Bestuurskunde (LCB), een tweedaags congres dat elk jaar door studenten wordt georganiseerd, moet deze vraag proberen te beantwoorden.

2010 ElectroSmog

International Festival for Sustainable Immobility, March 18-20, 2010.
The ElectroSmog festival is a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and an exploration of the new forms of connectedness with others offered to us by network and communication technologies. The question is if these new forms of connectedness can help us to develop a viable new lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility, which is both ecologically and socially more sustainable.

The festival program is streamed live via this website. Audiences can follow events, discuss and contribute online, avoiding the need for long-distance travel.


2010 Terena Networking Conference

Sponsoring of the TNC 2010 conference of TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association. TERENA is an association in which those interested in advanced network technology collaborate, innovate and share knowledge in order to foster the development of Internet technology, infrastructure and services to be used by the research and education community.

TERENA conferences have been at the heart of developments in European research and education networking for more than two decades. Network and application experts, end-users and corporate partners gather there to share views and lend a hand in shaping the future of networking. Website

2009 Hacking At Random (HAR)

Sponsoring of the Hacking At Random 2009, an International technology & security conference. This is the 5th edition in a four-yearly series of unique events bringing together an international audience of ICT security experts. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering. This is the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference taken place on August 13-16, 2009 near Vierhouten, NL. Website

2007 Dyne:bolic Workshops and Bricolabs, Amsterdam, get sponsoring from NLnet for a Dyne:bolic workshop given by Jaromil Denis in Indonesia, Singapore, and India. The purpose of the workshop is to promote a no-cost alternative to proprietary multimedia software solutions by means of the dyne:bolic computer operating system and multimedia tool suite.

2007 CSG

The Center for Government Studies (CGS) of the University of Leiden, and KennisLand organize a conference names Improving Access To Public Services. This world-wide thematic conference will take place in The Hague, The Netherlands on November 6-8, 2007.

The objective of this conference, is to encourage the world-wide dialogue taking place on how to re-assert democratic values in the delivery of services. Many policymakers, practitioners, and students are struggling to determine how best to provide equal access to health-care, education, justice, entrepreneurship, and such.

For more details, see the conference web-page.

2002 BSDCon

The Berkeley Software Distributions (BSDs) represent one of the oldest and most vigorous streams of Open Source software. Together, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Darwin, Mac OS X, and BSD/OS represent millions of servers and desktops.

The BSD operating systems have long been part of the backbone of the Internet in everything from embedded applications to large server installations, and will soon be widely deployed on consumer desktops. If you want to develop cutting-edge network applications, then BSDCon is the place to be. Meet the movers and shakers of the BSD community, and learn how you can use BSD as part of your enterprise-grade solutions.

NLnet supported BSDCon Europe 2002 with a guarantee and interest-free loan of €10.000.

2001 HAL2001

[August 10, 2001] The "Hackers At Large 2001" International Conference. attracted over 2000 guests from all over the world and from many different disciplines to debate, get on-line, relax, build and discuss cool stuff, and engage in good old analog interfacing.
See the sponsor request and final report. NLnet sponsored this event with €10,000.

2001 YAPC::Europe

The Perl community has three yearly conferences. The largest meeting is TPC (The Perl Conference), which is organized by O'Reilly Conferences. TPC is a large, expensive, professional conference. Next to this, two cheap and cosy conferences are organized by YAS: the American and European YAPC's. They are inexpensive and organized by volunteers, but have great talks!

With over 200 satisfied participants, the conference was a success. NLnet has sponsored the second conference room and the proceedings CD-rom for this event.

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