Hackers donate 90% of profit to charity 2019/06/13

NGI Zero awarded two EC research and innovation actions 2018/12/01

EC publishes study on Next Generation Internet 2025 2018/10/05

Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19


HAL2001 report

HAL2001 attracted over 2000 guests from all over the world and from many different disciplines to debate subjects ranging from advanced technical issues regarding some obscure aspect of the Internet to easy-to-understand lectures on some of the dangers of the information society, as well as many other topics. But more than debate, the guests at HAL2001 took ample time to get on-line, relax, build and discuss cool stuff, and engage in good old analog interfacing.

The congress is unique in that the participants bring their tent and their computer, which is connected to a large high-speed outdoor computer network that provides high bandwidth Internet connectivity for everybody. The event was a big success, with an estimated number of 2000 participants. It attracted a lot of media attention, which was to be expected considering the word hacker in its name.


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