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Theme fund: NGI0 Entrust
Start: 2022-10
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IC workspace

Open Source IC Design Management Tool

IC workspace is a design management tool that addresses the complexity of working with scattered design domains that span analog, digital, EDA tools, flows and process development kits (PDKs). In the process of designing a chip, multiple people need an common organized structure to work on design capturing schematics, generator, custom layout, high level digital design combined with test benches in various domain specific formats. Each tool in the open source domain has it own file structure. IC workspace is an open source framework with tools that individual designers and teams use to organize design files in a local workspace. IC workspace integrates interface to source code version control systems, the various tools in the design flow and organizes the files in a workspace with an unified component structure with dependency attributes. IC workspace sets common language and methodologies for both analog and digital – frontend/backend designer to maximize productivity within the open source chip design ecosystem of tools, PDK’s and people.

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This project was funded through the NGI0 Entrust Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement No 101069594.