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Theme fund: NGI0 Entrust
Start: 2023-12
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DUT Control

Unified Control Interface for Firmware Security Tests

The DUT Control project aims to create a unified control interface for real hardware used in firmware security tests. Firmware security plays a crucial role on the internet, especially for servers, as it ensures the reliability and trustworthiness of connected devices. However, firmware development poses unique challenges with regard to testing: Firmware runs directly on the hardware and therefore simulations often fail to cover all edge cases, making it essential to test on actual hardware. Furthermore, firmware is tailored to each hardware type, leading to individualized development. Thus, testing often requires manual intervention, increasing time and effort.

DUT Control addresses these challenges by providing an interface to real hardware and an abstraction of hardware inputs and outputs. It is supposed to become the open-source interface between hardware components and testing frameworks.

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This project was funded through the NGI0 Entrust Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement No 101069594.