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Castopod Mobile

[Castopod Mobile]

Castopod Mobile is a free and open-source mobile podcast player application (GPL v3). It is intended to be installed on your mobile phone (iOS, Google Android, /e/…). You can install it from F-Droid, from your usual app store or you may compile it yourself for your own needs. Castopod Mobile is a two-in-one application: a podcast player and a Fediverse client. It serves several purposes: to provide a mobile application that takes advantages of ActivityPub features for podcasts (the ones that Castopod Server provides for instance). Secondly, to reduce the complexity of the Fediverse ecosystem during onboarding: account creation currently prevents many users into joining the Fediverse because it is difficult to guess where to begin. And thirdly: to provide a podcast application template for communities who want to build and manage their ecosystem from beginning (with your own private Castopod Server) to end (with your own Castopod Mobile based application).

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