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Mike Otten

Treasurer of the board (2007-2013)

Please note that this page exists for historical reasons. This person is no longer active at NLnet Foundation, information contained in this page may be outdated.

P.P.J.M. (Mike) Otten (1966, Netherlands) is treasurer in the NLnet Governing Board since May 2007.

Mike graduated from the Vrije Universiteit as Certified Accountant (Dutch: Register Accountant) in 1995. He worked for the Tax Authorities from 1990 to 2000. At the end of that period, he was responsible for special investigations and contacts with the FIOD.

Thereafter, he joined Rietveld Rosenberg Otten Advisors and Accountants were he became partner in 2003. As partner, he is responsible for several clients providing audit, advice and several other services.

In 2012 he found a new challenge and started to work with Daamen & van Sluis and serves middle of Netherlands and doing (legal) audits, advice and other services.

Last update: September 17th 2013


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