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Valer Mischenko

NLnet staff alumnus, General Director 2007-2013

Please note that this page exists for historical reasons. This person is no longer active at NLnet Foundation, information contained in this page may be outdated.

Valer Mischenko (Ukraine, 1963) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology after studying spacecraft control systems, algorithms, and software. He later obtained a degree in business administration. Valer participated in several Russian, European and international space projects before he finally settled down in the Netherlands.

He was general director of NLnet between 2007 and 2013. Before that he worked as Operations Manager and Director within several bigger and smaller ICT companies in The Netherlands and abroad. He currently works as an independent advisor and investor.

His view on society developments is "give people the freedom of choice in order to get the most of their innovative capabilities".

Last update: September 17th 2013