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Maarten Botterman

Chairman of the Supervisory Board (2013-2019)

Please note that this page exists for historical reasons. This person is no longer active at NLnet Foundation, information contained in this page may be outdated.

Maarten Botterman is director of GNKS Consult. He is an expert in Information Society policy issues with extensive international experience, with emphasis on the impact of technology on society and governance issues, and global information security and privacy issues. He is Chairman of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet of Things , and former Chairman of the Public Interest Registry and Member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). GNKS stands for understanding the impact of the emerging Global Networked Knowledge Society, and he works with other top researchers to develop policy insights relevant to decision makers in public and private sectors, that take the interests of multiple stakeholders into account and are robust towards the future that is by definition uncertain.

For his work he relies on his knowledge and experience from his work as former CEO of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (2003 -2006), Information Society Director at RAND Corporation in Europe (1999 - 2006), Scientific Officer for DG Information Society of the European Commission (1995 - 1999), Senior Telework Consultant at the Dutch Ministry for Transport (1992 - 1995), Public Works and Water Management, and Head of ICT at the North Sea Directorate of the same Ministry (1987 - 1992). He holds an advanced degree in business economics from Erasmus University and has been teaching candidates for Master in Information Security Management at the TIAS/NIMBAS Business school.