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Next generation internet tech at FOSDEM 2021

Check out NGI Zero-funded projects and tools this weekend

Join the NLnet Foundation at FOSDEM 2021 this weekend and come check out the many useful and groundbreaking projects funded by the NGI Zero research and development grants to build a more open and privacy-friendly internet.

The largest gathering of free and open source software enthusiasts worldwide is drawing close. The pandemic forced FOSDEM 2021 to be an entirely online event which like the previous conferences in Brussels is free for everyone to join, no registration required. As always the NLnet Foundation is happy to meet, chat and learn from the many developers and enthusiasts at FOSDEM.

NLnet is also proud to see many developers and projects present and demonstrate their technologies which were recently funded by the Next Generation Internet research and development grants NGI Zero PET (privacy and trust enhancing technology) and NGI Zero Discovery (improving open search and discovery). To make sure no one misses out on these innovative and useful tools and technological building blocks, below you can find an overview of NGI Zero-funded projects at FOSDEM 2021 with the necessary details and links. In case we missed your presentation, do reach out to us and we will update the list accordingly. See you at FOSDEM!

Saturday February 6 2021

Stands (09:30-10:00)


Sunday February 6 2021