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NGI Zero shares best practices for secure, accessible, localized and inclusive technology

Any technology running at internet scale needs to be secure, accessible, translatable, widely available and inclusive. That is why the NGI Zero consortium helps open source and open hardware projects meet these critical requirements and now offers their best practices for everyone who wants to help fix the internet.

As we spend much of our lives online, we need to be sure we are using technologies that are safe and reliable. Unfortunately we know this is not always true, both for new apps and platforms as for legacy hardware and software that dates back to the early days of the internet and longer meets our needs and requirements. Moving forward to a more resilient, sustainable and, perhaps most important, trustworthy internet means we need technological building blocks that can be used in unique and innovative ways to address persistent and complex issues.

NGI Zero is a unique not-for-profit effort of thirteen organizations that help projects create technology commons. These projects are funded by the Next Generation Internet initiative of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. NGI Zero grants open source and open hardware projects and the expert organizations help researchers and developers address critical dimensions of internet technology. Now their best practices are available for everyone who wants to learn about:

These and more best practice guides and lessons learned can be found on the websites of the NGI Zero partners following the links above and will be gathered and updated here on the website of the NLnet foundation. Here you can find more information about the open NGI Zero calls for privacy and trust enhancing technology and improving search and discovery (and submit your idea to fix the internet).