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Have a private Jitsi chat or do cross-system search with latest NGI0 projects

End-to-end encryption can help protect your video chats from prying eyes or data leaks, which is even more important now we need to work and socialize remotely. Through the latest NGI Zero funding call NLnet supports new end-to-end encryption for the popular open source Jitsi Meet video chat solution, as well as a host of open source and open hardware projects that can create cross-system search, repairable and trustworthy laptops and peer-to-peer document editing.

How can we fix the internet? For more than two decades NLnet has financially supported people and organizations that can contribute to an open information society. The long list of projects developing open standards, open hardware and open source software NLnet has been able to support through the years has grown even larger through the Next Generation Internet funding calls launched in 2018. With funding from the European Commission NLnet can finance ideas to improve open search and discovery as well as technology that enhances privacy and trust.

Encrypted peer-to-peer editing and flexible search

The latest projects selected through NLnet's bimonthly open call (next deadline October 1st) aim to solve a range of problems users are faced with online, providing for example safe peer-to-peer editing, private videoconferencing and transparently designed laptops running open source software on open hardware that everyone can inspect and verify. Other projects develop more flexible search that goes beyond finding some text result or image, allowing you to retrieve exactly the chapter or page you were looking for, or by helping you make an informed decision based on independent, non-ranked comparison of results.

Opening up black box Wi-Fi chips

Selected projects also help make the internet backbone more trustworthy and reliable by developing open alternatives to black-boxed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular chips, or improving the security of digital certificates that help prove who you are online, or that the website you are entering your credit card details into is actually run by your own bank.

Send in your ideas!

Read more about all of these projects below, check out all the work NGI Zero supports to improve search and discovery as well as privacy enhancing technology and of course submit your idea to fix the internet.