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The winners of the December 2010 calls are:

  • ODF Changes in Abiword by Benjamin Martin, Australia
    Add initial support for change tracking to the ODF code in the Abiword word processor.
  • ODF Tracked Changes by DeltaXML
    Assist the Standardization Committee preparing the standard for a syntax named XML Change ML (short for XML Change Markup Language) that allows for accurately describe any incremental change and edit to the content and structure of (compound) XML documents.
  • Privacy-Preserving Communication Protocol for OSNs by the University of Twente, The Netherlands
    Design and implement a privacy-preserving communication protocol to protect the user's data from the service provides of Online Social Networks (OSN).
  • NoScript Mobile by
    Bringing the safest web browsing experience on the mobile platforms.
  • Fairwaves, Russia
    Open Source framework for PHY and MAC levels of wireless protocols.