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Theme fund: Internet Hardening Fund
Start: 2017-06
End: 2019-05

WPIA CA Infrastructure

Deployment infrastructure for certificate authorities

World Privacy and Identity Association is an effort to create and setup a Trusted Service Provider to deploy digital certificates to the public for free. One part of this project (and the association behind it) is the development of software to setup and operate a Certificate Authority. The software is developed from scratch, and is released under an AGPL license. The repository resides on

The primary goal of the publication of the software is to grant check and control to the public. Trust is the basis of all. If someone wants to use the software for his own business he may do so. The real target of the project is to provide individuals and organisations with reliable and accountable digital certificates using PKI technique. Certificates should always match the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements and be compatible with ETSI. Individuals will get their certificates for free (free as in free beer). Digital certificates help all people to keep fundamental rights as e.g. privacy and identity. As such, WPIA intends to provide an alternative to Let’s Encrypt.

Run by WPIA

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This project was funded through the Internet Hardening Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.