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Last update: 2012-01-26

End: 2012-01


Project Wormhole

There are two leading internet technologies emerging as the future of real-time communication: SIP and XMPP. This project and its outcome will provide the possibility for users of both universes to use either protocol to interoperate with each other for audio, instant messaging and presence.

If the software is installed on the desktop next to an existing application it can encapsulate or tunnel conversations from one protocol to the other - serving as a wormhole between the two universes. It should work transparently with little or no configuration. It will allow users to share contacts and establish chat and audio sessions without having to bother of the protocol used to address buddies in user@domain format.

If the software is used on a server, one should simply point the appropriate DNS record of a domain to the server, and any session request made with either SIP or XMPP protocol will be bridged to the other side.

This is a project coordinated by AG Projects BV, located in Haarlem, The Netherlands.