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End: 2015-01


The Unhosted project enables separation of storage and applications

Unhosted is an approach to the "cloud" opposite to the current web2.0 trend: it separates the user data from the application, rather than putting user data "into" the application. This leads to much better privacy management.

End-users of "cloud" capable applications use Unhosted directly, they don't have to do anything special for that - just need to log in to remoteStorage enabled applications using their remoteStorage-enabled email address.

As example, all Dutch students and academic staff already have remoteStorage connected to their university email addresses. Now the target community is web developers. They need to enable their applications so that they accept login with remoteStorage.

Contrary to other projects (that usually create 1 product with 1 function, and offer that as a free software of which everyone can run their own server, like Diaspora, MediaGoblin, ownCloud, etc.), Unhosted aims for a generic storage server. Everyone just needs a bit of very simple and dumb cloud storage, with no application-specific features. Cloud storage becomes an interchangeable commodity, and the market of useful cloud applications becomes entirely separate from the market of reliable cloud storage.