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[UmTRX -- concluded on 2013/04]

Mission of the UmTRX project is to radically drop price of mobile communications in developing, rural and remote areas. UmTRX aims at providing an open-source, inexpensive yet carrier grade transceiver for GSM Base Station.

This project is a part of a bigger effort to create a completely open GSM network, from a low level hardware to high level software. UmTRX will be the first open hardware to work within the core telecom networks.

This open hardware is being designed specifically to work with OpenBTS and OsmoBTS/OpenBSC open-source projects. While those software projects enjoy quick growth, the hardware side is remaining proprietary. The main reason for this is that such hardware is extremely hard to develop, it requires specific skills and specialists like high-profile RF designers and lots of effort to be put in it.

The results of this project have been used to provision affordable mobile service to people at Mayotte island.


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