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Tracking Exposed

Increase transparency behind personalization algorithms

Goal of the project is to increase transparency behind personalization algorithms, so that people can have more effective control of their online experiences and will have more awareness of the information to which they are and are not exposed.

Algorithms are the technological solution to the information overload: they are as powerful as necessary to manage the overflow of data that reaches us. Unfortunately, they can also conceal the existence and use of assessments and judgments that impact the dissemination of ideas and culture. No one should be allowed to abuse such power over connected people. At this stage, consent is nor informed nor optional.

The main objective of the project is to put a spotlight on users' tracking, profiling, on the data market and on the influence of algorithms. As long as these phenomena are shielded from view or understood only by experts, they cannot be tackled with the political determination that problems of such magnitude deserve. That is why we strive to explain the issue, test and promote new solutions, developed to benefit the community.

The project is developed by a group of volunteers led by Claudio Agosti.

A collaboration of:

Vietsch Foundation
NLnet foundation