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Last update: 2002-11-28

End: 2002-01


tools for visualising huge amounts of log data

Timewallker is a multi-focal time-lens for visual data-mining. Its application domain is information visualization, which is characterized by handling huge data sets with unkown correlations and by real-time zooming within multiple graphical and textual representations. TimeWalker is primarily intended to be a useful instrument for people like system-administrators that are confronted with unmanageable amounts of logging data.

Most tools for analyzing log data start with filtering the data based on some assumptions about what is interesting in the data. TimeWalker attempts to visualize the complete unfiltered data with maximal information density and to exploit the pattern-recognition capabilities of the human end-user for discovering interesting patterns in the data.

  • current CVS tree on SourceForge; please read these instructions for accessing it. external link
  • Software Download Area external link
  • Slides of the presentation given at the European Python and Zope Conference (Europython), held in June 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium. .pdf (2 MB)
  • 2001-11-28: TimeWalker paper, presented at Linux Kongress 2001 .pdf (397 kB)

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