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End: 2013-01


Adaptive time-based application development Platform

This project aims to create a platform to develop Adaptive Time-based web applications. This is applied to developing Single-Page Interfaces (SPIs). A SPI can reduce network bandwidth needs, specially important in the fast-growing use of mobile networks. Despite its importance, use of SPIs has not proliferated because it is highly complicated to develop and maintain.

A novel approach based on a W3C specification is proposed: SMIL Timesheets. This approach simplifies the design of time-based web applications and web sites. These interactive applications use time as a major structuring paradigm, i.e. time and events dictate which parts of the application are presented.

SMIL Timesheets are the time counterparts of layout focussed Stylesheets. SMIL Timesheets use the W3C standard SMIL Timing & Synchronization. Timesheets are a perfect match for CSS styles and CSS3 Transitions/Animations. Also, it is designed to synchronize multimedia (HTML5's audio and video) with web content.

In addition the following issue is tackled: wasting network bandwidth is common in multi-device applications. This project aims to dynamically adapt to the capabilities of devices, to save bandwidth and processing power. Such adaptation is achieved via capability-based resource loading for different devices (e.g. media resources, CSS3 emulation, and other).