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Last update: 2014-05-01

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Decentralized and secure collaborative editing on office documents

Collaborative editing on documents is required (or at least very helpful) in a broad range of use-cases. Collaborative editing capabilities between peers gets rid of the need of server and enables usage in places and circumstances where it was not possible before.

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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in combination with ZRTP and OTR offers encrypted multimedia (or "whatever-media") communication channels between individuals and groups. Common usages include voice and video conferencing, instant messaging (MSRP) and desktop sharing. While the latter technically allows people to present and share documents, it is brittle, bandwidth heavy and broadcast only - meaning that only a single user can edit a document. In order to provide more agile and interactive capabilities, the project adds collaboration facilities based on the collaborative webODF editor and the SIP/SIMPLE client SDK. Multiple users will be able to view and edit a document (such as a presentation or text document) with a group of people in parallel. The project will produce both a simple standalone version based on QML and an integrated version as a plugin to the Blink Qt project.