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[SDR PHY for Osmocom BB -- till 2019/06]

SDR (Software Defined Radio) allows for a low cost setup to serve a wide variety of changing radio protocols in real time. SDR is gaining popularity in the world of Open Source mobile communications. Thanks to the work of projects like Osmocom and OpenBTS, it is already possible to run a custom GSM network using Open Source software. Moreover, there is a few Open Source projects for LTE, such as OpenLTE, srsLTE and OpenAirInterface. However up to now there was no software defined GSM mobile phone. The "SDR PHY for Osmocom BB" project aims to fill this void. The project is focused on the client side of GSM protocol stack, and bridging the gap between existing GSM stack implementation project and SDR hardware.

This project supports an exciting new effort to create a completely open GSM implementation, enabling many new use cases for SDR.

The project will add the following features:


Send in your ideas.
Deadline June 1st, 2020.