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Last update: 2006-11-07

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computer networking as education support for primary schools

Stichting SchoolLan is a non-profit organization. It operates fully independent from the government, commercial entities and organisations. Stichting SchoolLan receives software and advice from the Open Source community.

The project was started in 1999. In August 2001 the foundation "Stichting SchoolLan" was set up. It aimed to be self-supporting in 2004, but failed to achieve this goal due to the disappointingly slow growth in the number of support contracts. As a result, the project down-sized in August 2004 from an organization with paid staff to a project driven by volunteers. In order to continue the support and development of the SchoolLan software, a platform of cooperating companies and users has been established in 2005.

About 40 primary schools in total were running SchoolLan at the start of 2003. During 2004, the project down-sized from an organization with personnel into a project driven by volunteers.

  • Last annual report of the foundation, covering 2005 and 2006. .pdf (97 kB)
  • Annual report of the foundation covering 2001 .pdf (41 kB)

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