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Last update: 2006-11-07

End: 2006-01


computer networking as education support for primary schools

The foundation SchoolLan ceased its activities officially on October 31, 2006. On the moment, no-one is working on a new release. The last release 5.2.0 was made in September 2004.

SchoolLan brings an Internet infrastructure to Dutch primary schools. Pupils and teachers can get access to e-mail and websites with minimal effort. The systems are pre-configured to fit best in the school environment.

SchoolLan has been developed to allow (remote) technical management within in a (technically naive) school environment. The design and configuration can easily be duplicated by similar educational institutions elsewhere. In other words, SchoolLan is a blueprint: a technical configuration/network design model.

SchoolLan is based on the philosophy of the General Public License (GPL). This philosophy is reflected in the computer and network technology deployed, as well as in the educational content.

  • SchoolLan was presented in May 2002 at the 3rd International System Administration and Networking Engineering Conference SANE 2002 in Maastricht. The conference paper gives a global overview of the techniques used. .pdf (17 kB)

Project SchoolLan

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