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SANE; description

[System Administration and NEtworking Conferences -- 2006/05/15]

The loss of EurOpen, the umbrella organization of European UNIX user groups, was also a loss of the European platform for technical conferences in the Open Systems and (Internet) Networking area. The NLUUG's attempts to fill this gap has been supported financially and organizationally by USENIX, the American Advanced Computing Systems Technical and Professional Association, and by Stichting NLnet.

SANE 1998 Conference

SANE 98 logo The NLUUG, the UNIX User Group for the Netherlands, organized the first European oriented technical conference on System Administration and NEtworking 1998 (SANE98) in the week of November 18-20, 1998 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

SANE 2000 Conference

SANE 2000 logo

In view of the success of the SANE'98 conference, in both a technical and financial sense, the NLUUG decided to organize a similar conference in the year 2000, again in co-operation with USENIX and Stichting NLnet. The SANE 2000 conference was held on 22-25 May 2000, again in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

SANE 2002 Conference

To continue a now well-established tradition, a third SANE conference took place in May 2002, again in Maastricht. SANE 2002 was again organized by the NLUUG, with support from Stichting NLnet and USENIX.


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