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Samizdat makes public key cryptography accessible

Samizdat is intended, in part, as a tool for activists -- or, generally, for anyone who desires secure communication with others who lack the computer literacy (or merely patience) to configure public key cryptography or VPNs. Samizdat would also be useful to give an outsider access to a network without being easily detected; for example, it could facilitate document leaking.

Samizdat is a LiveCD intended primarily to make public key cryptography accessible: to distribute public keys securely, and to pre-configure various applications of cryptography, especially VPN-based applications.

Samizdat LiveCDs are self-replicating, with the replicated system not being identical, instead having one other's public keys and various other information. The replicated systems automatically become nodes on a VPN. The LiveCD serves as a secure boot medium for a fully-functional, fully-encrypted persistent system.

This project integrates many existing projects: Tor, Onioncat, GPG, LUKS, Git and others.

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Project of Andrew Cady, USA.