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Last update: 2008-09-14


creating a fast binary package manager using relational databases

Sabayon is a free, open source, GNU/Linux distribution aimed to compete with Ubuntu in terms of hardware support, features and packages availability. The aim is to create an unpresended smart package manager.

The challenge is

  • creating a fast binary package manager (using relational databases),
  • with strong AI (allowing just 2/3 developers to maintain about 12000 packages),
  • able to solve most of the user-side issues automatically (such as API/ABI breakages, missing libraries, database corruptions, automatic kernel dependencies for external drivers, inverse dependencies),
  • able to provide users a web2.0-alike experience by allowing them to share, extend, manipulate any content connected to packages (like screenshots, URLs, images, videos, rankings) directly from their system,
  • able to provide a transparent client/server infrastructure to remotely manage infinite Sabayon installations,
  • able to provide hot packaging formats, like Smart Packages (multiple packages packaged into one) and Smart Applications (unpack & run applications).
  • All this while keeping a complete Portage compatibility and cooperating tightly with Gentoo Linux developers in bug hunting and feature proposals.

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