Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19

NLnet and Gartner to write vision for EC's Next Generation Internet initiative 2017/04/12

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs donates 0.5 million to "Internet Hardening Fund" 2016/12/16

Vietsch Foundation and NLnet cooperate in internet R&D for research and education 2016/09/28



[RaptorJIT ]

RaptorJIT is a fork of LuaJIT focused on predictably high performance. LuaJIT entered permanent maintenance-mode in 2015 when the maintainer stepped down. RaptorJIT is being created to bootstrap a new self-sufficient community for the future. It is developed by the same team behind Snabb Switch.

In network dataplanes performance needs to be predictable, which brings new requirements:

The development process has to support moving quickly in these directions:

Once these requirements have been thoroughly satisfied then new requirements can be introduced. For example, ARM64 and other platforms can be supported as the project matures.


Send in your ideas.
Deadline August 1st, 2018.

Last update: 2018/02/01